Changes to Charges

Posted on March 03, 2022 12:36pm



Unfortunately, vehicle maintenance and gas prices have risen sharply over the past few years.  Century Calibrations will be making the following  adjustments to charges for our employees being on the road.


The charges to pick up and delivery equipment has been $7.50 each way for each unit with a cap at $60.00 or four units.  Beginning March 21, 2022, the charge to pick up and deliver equipment will change to $10.00 each way for each unit with a cap at $80.00 or four units.


Any customer requesting a facility visit from our technicians is aware of usual and normal travel charges.  In the past we started the time at 30 minutes round trip.  Going forward, customers that request technicians to visit their facility, will have a minimum trip charge of half hour travel or $45.00 per technician per visit regardless of actual travel time.