End of Month (EOM)

Posted on April 24, 2020 2:49pm

At Century Calibrations, we believe in continuous improvement.  This phrase is usually associated with manufacturing and engineering enterprises but has application in other fields of endeavor.


To that end, we are instituting an End of Month (EOM) due date policy for all customers.  This will apply to the labels (or stickers) technicians adhere to equipment as well as to Certificates of Calibration (CoC).


This policy will streamline the paperwork process for our technicians and create windows of opportunity for our customers.  Labels and CoCs will have a more simplified look.

In general, EOM allows for flexibility in scheduling calibration services by allowing these services to be performed sometime during the month stated, rather than a specific date within that month.


We will provide updates as we continue our efforts to become more efficient and effective in our calibration services and supporting activities.  Customer service is now and will remain our number one focus.


Thank you for your support as we move forward with this policy.