Memorable Moment for Century Calibration Employee

Posted on June 19, 2017 8:22pm

At a reception for the six NE Indiana high school students selected to attend their chosen Service Academy, Marlin Stutzman recognized Century Calibration’s own Wayne Bartlett and posted this little blurb and image on Facebook. (June 7, 2016)

Marlin Stutzman: “I want to recognize Wayne Bartlett, who has been our Academy Chair for the past 21 years. Through his passionate work, he has positively affected some 350 students seeking appointments to the military academies. Last night we were able to honor his years of service, but it’s still not enough. Thank you so much sir for all the lives you have changed.”

The seven-member committee that Wayne chairs, chooses from high school graduate applications to make recommendations to the Congressman. Students must be nominated to attend the Service Academy of their choice.

Wayne is retired Navy and has worked for Century Calibrations since 2004. At Century Calibrations, we highly value our service members whether retired, reservist, or active duty. Army, Navy, and Marine Corps are represented within our employee ranks.

Congratulation Wayne! And, Thank You to our Service members for your service to our country.